Saturday, January 12, 2013

Biltwell Garage Sale (January 12th 2013)

 Got a ride to the Biltwell Garage Sale today from Mr. Kit. There were deals to be had, novelty helmets (scratch and dents) for $40 and Hustlers for $20. Not to mention a slew of other great deals everywhere you turned. It was literally the best discounts this side of winning something in a raffle. Biltwell also cooked up some Chili and something else called "vegitarian" (?) Chili, or as Magoo called it "Outlaw Vegitarian Chili" either way, you had to be a bad ass to eat it. Most stuck with the meat... free food, breakfast snack cakes, drinks, beer, you name it. Thanks for the swell time by golly. The fact that it was only 40 didn't matter much (unless you were a bad ass and rode a bike there, then your little man probably went inside for a spell). I wore two jackets cause I'm still getting gimpy with it.

 Thought this Ironhead looked bad ass.
 Walked around it. I was right.
Bad Ass to the Max!

More pics coming soon. Thanks Biltwell and crew!

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