Sunday, January 13, 2013

Burnouts, even more proof you are with Stupid

#notimpressedintheleast, #thatwasdumb, #fistpumpingaction, #isitnaptimeyet?

Not that there's any real discussion on the matter. If the Factory really wanted to show how cool their new FI Sportsters are I think they would have the riders do some kind of topless nun-chuck competition in a barbed wire Circle of Death. But no. They resort to a studio audience applause DAT and a couple riders showing how to fist pumping, skid marks into numbers and letters for a 110 year anniversary. How are you Celebrating? ... by making fun of stupid. You think they gave out free hotdogs at this "performance?" I'll bet they did. You missed another chance to put a Harley Davidson wiener in your mouth.

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