Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chumpions Build for Born Free 5 (first updates!!!)

So this was the original (chop cult thread) idea by CRFyou and Lady Hump back in early December; "So you WANNA be a BORN FREE 5 BUILDER....? Doesn't everybody these day? Well that dreams been crushed. Squashed. Broken. Knocked in the dirt. Broke Back and left on the Mountain alone... But wait. Maybe, just maybe, there's one more chance for your dreams to grow like a Unicorns Horn?

Nobody (I repeat, NOBODY) asked us how we thought we could make Born Free 5 better? ... but we've got big ideas and even bigger mouths and throw more rides and parties than anyone in the Los Angeles / South Bay area (that's a mouthfull... but true) and even though our suggestions are mostly incoherent dribble, babble and tomfoolery, somewhere in there CRFyou decided that we'd party like a Rock Star (pants optional) and showcase one builders bike in our booth as the "Unicorns Chumpion!" We'll have candles set up around it and totally fucking "shrine" it out to the Unicorn Gods in attendance. Let's just say it'll be hard to miss on the Phalic Stand we're going to build for your bike!

And hey! Guess the fuck what? ... We're already throwing a pre-party the day before, the night of, and a Pool Party the day after the event at the Gasser Lounge!!!!, so what the hell, why not just ad more to the stupidity. If Stupidity was free it would grow on trees and monkey's would eat it for food and bone each other like rabbits and then eat the rabbits because they taste so good.

We'll invite anyone who cares to join in with our lot, to cast their build into the mix, and the Lady Hump blog viewers can decide on which bike get's the Unicorns Chumpion spot inside our booth at Born Free 5. Where you know... all the cool kids hang out. Damn straight Girl Friend!

How? Simple... FIRST, tell us you wanna get stupid and build a Unicorn themed chopper... email us at ladyhumpmc@gmail.com SECOND, we want to know what you're building and want some shots of your project.... THIRD, MAKE IT HAPPEN and keep us posted on the progress..... We'll showcase your shit on the Lady Hump as you build it. Figure, bi-weekly updates at a minimum? After all that, then the Lady Hump viewers are gonna judge you (don't get any MORE BUTT HURT over this) and choose so, they probably wanna see some progress and get to know you a little, your sign, your favorite foods, condom flavor, etc. just the basics you'd share with any stranger at a dive bar.

The ONLY RULES (*) are real simple... you have to build the bike yourself and it's gotta have a mild to wild Unicorn theme (or something equally radically cool, don't bring none of your Viking lore to this Gnome Gang Bang) and you have to have it started By January 1st..... That's it... now let the games begin....

We will let the blog viewer vote and then you'll be at the show making moves inside our booth as a honorary spectacle (I didn't exactly say testicle?) but whatever... you can be the Winner! You can build the Unicorn Chumpion. Make your dreams come true! No one will win your bike or nothing, and you'll be responsible for transportation to and from our booth, but it'll be fun as shit to get to know us and have CRFyou offer up his "special services" if needed.

Now, get to WORK!!! Your build introductory email must be received by us no later than end of day 01/01/2013.

(*) That's a pretty open ended statement, we might have to add some rules along the way? Who knows? Who really knows? What you do know, is this might be your "last" chance to get your bike in Born Free 5 (unless of course you just ride it in? But you won't get the bad ass title of UNICORN CHUMPION and the Medal that goes along with it if you win!!!!!)"

So we've (as of today) got 3 builders in the mix (along with CRFyou's Star Wars build, that makes 4!). Here's a peek of the entrants and at this point, if these guys can keep up with the builds and make it to Born Free 5 we're going to make CHUMPS outta all of them!!!!

Late entrants? Send me info asap to: ladyhumpmc@gmail.com

Let's introduce our Chumps...

Michael Cassbiry out of Columbus MS
 "I stretched the stock frame downtubes, raked the neck, and fabbed my own hardtail.  Built my own oil tank to fit the frame, made the sissy bar, molded the '65 impala tail into the fender... but this ironhead is gone now and I'm onto my next project."

Lawndale Larry
"I will be building a Panhead Chop. I still need a frame, trans, rear wheel, oil tank and a few other parts."

and Brian Trigilia
"A 56 Royal Enfield Indian Chopper. Reason: Motivation to finish this piece of shit and haul it 3000 miles to California!"

Three builds in three different directions all somehow pointed toward the center of the Unicorn Galazzzzyyyy!!!!!

Alright builders, in the next week or so, let's see your ideas on how this build is going to convey the majesty and awesomness of the Unicorn in your paint, mold, glitter, fab, you tell us what? Unicorn horn foot pegs? Hummmm....

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An update on Al would be appreciated man . . . cheers muchly.