Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's time again for the Lady Hump to cast aside the silly and stick to the true blooded Hillbilly, Chopper Freaks, and Stocker Geeks.

It's time for the 
~ 2013 ~

Every Blog in the Lady Hump "Jelly Roll" side bar blogs will be deleted and only those blogs who cast their lines in our fishin' hole will be added (and moved to the top of the screen obviously) for the entire month of February, dedicated to posting ONLY original content. 

Wanna play with us? You'll have a chance to win a FREE copy of the Lady Hump's 2012 Unicorn Amator 168 page, full color, ad free photography book and FREE swag? Pretty sweet deal. All you've gotta do is (a.) send me your blog URL (b.) Post ONLY all original content for the month of February (c.) post at least twice weekly (more is better), and (d.) sit back and watch the traffic visit your blog.

You can do parts, fab work, cleaning your garage, taking snaps of your ol' lady, crash parties, ride pics, build pics, friends pics are ok too... all original but you gotta tell simple stories. No facebook crap, no right click theft, nada petty theft off the interboob! Easy... for some. Hard, for most.

Send me your URL now!

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