Friday, January 4, 2013

"Hiya fellas. Word on the street is you're lookin' for Superheroes?"

Ok, update on Allen. He went down on Dec. 24th at about 7:00 am, give or take. Merry Christmas Eve indeed! Bikes front tire hit some railroad track at the perfect angle to snatch the front tire away from the bike. Bike went to the right, Allen went to the left and slammed hard enough to blow open his spleen and fracture some ribs. After some time in the Hospital he's been home resting. Figure 4-5 weeks and he'll be back on it. Unitl then it's just going to be be slightly slower around here.

Thanks to all the visits and well wishes! Nothing like good friends. Thank you.


Johnny No said...

Dude ......... glad you are back with the living. Keep up the good work and see ya soon.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Great to hear you're on the mend buddy, spleens are for sissies anyway. At least you'll be able to see all the episodes of SOA you've missed . Cheers sexy hump.