Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Search of: Why was "Opie Hogg" really killed?

If you've visited this web site at all, you know we're fans of The original Dukes of Hazzard.
So you should be familiar with Jefferson Davis "Boss" Hogg.
Possibly intimately? But that's another story...
 And you should be aware of the blood line between Boss Hogg and his cousin, Cletus Hogg. Otherwise known as Deputy Sheriff Cletus Hogg of the Hazzard County Sheriffs Dept.
Well, it turns out that Cletus has a son. Ryan Hurst. Some of you might not make the connection, but this opens a whole new window on why the character "Opie" was killed off. Did Jax really not "pick" which on of his "crew" was going to get the stomp down?
Did the name "Opie" give us a clue to what we now recognize as the "Hillbilly Factor"?
If the Sons ever did their homework, they would have immediately discovered that he was in fact, not the son of Piney Winston. This also opens up many other questions? Did Opie believe that his "family connections" would keep him protected on the inside? Maybe. 

One thing is for sure. With the death (and of course, our condolences go out to Cletus) of Opie Winston (his obviously alias name)(his true name Opie Hogg) the good name of Hazzard County is once again redeemed.

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