Sunday, January 20, 2013


 Saturday, January 19th, on Robert E. Lee Day, we covered the walls of the Gasser Lounge in black velvet and hung pictures from our good friend James Exley who came out to the Escape to Hazzard County Group Camping Trip and took pictures during the course of the event. He also set up a portrait studio (of sorts) as you can see hanging hillbilly style from the clothes-pins on the drip dry line.
 A few "enlarged" choice poster selections were also hung inside the Ladies Powder Room.
 We also premiered the Hazzard County Movie (and yeah, we'll try and get that up this week in a smaller file so everyone can enjoy it! Right now, it's just too massive and Vimeo isn't allowing it ...)

 The Curly Wolf played a live set as a 5-piece, with our very own Mikey B. on drums! Dudes a Trooper learing 15 songs in 2 days!

Other pictures were developed as huge posters and posted throughout the bar (as barely visible on the wall behind the guitar player above).

Thanks to everyone who came out and re-lived Hazzard County with us! Those of you who missed it, what can I say? "You missed it."

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