Friday, January 11, 2013

Lawndale Larry's CHUMP BUILD Update

I Picked up a '59 HD frame & Trans for my project. The Trans is nectar. A nice clean 4 speed in excellent shape.  The frame?  Well It is pretty rough looking! Looks like a preschooler was practice welding on it!  I know cast iron is a bitch to weld but c'mon now.

I had 1 neck cup on the shelf, so I stuck it in the lower portion of the neck & slid the front end into it so I could get a feel for how she's going to look.   The risers were just some I had on hand, I may or may not use them, If I do they will probably be chromed.  I have a nice shouldered 21" aluminum rim that I will be using, & I have
to make a decision on weather I will be going Brakeless on the front end or installing a rotor.  

I have a nice spool hub ready to be laced up, or I have an aluminum sportster hub & an 8" rotor. If I decide on the rotor setup, I will definitely need to make some new Trees 1/2" -3/4" wider for the Spirder forks.  I will be strapped for time as it is in completing this machine by late June, So
even though I absolutely hate riding without a front brake, I may go that route. I still need to scrounge up a 16" rim for the back.

The seat is an old king & queen that I got years ago at the LB swap meet for $20.00  that was when the Long Beach swap didn't suck.  I'm pretty sure I will be using this seat & if I do, I will be making a crazy frank inspired fender/seat concoction to mount it on!

Lawndale Larry

Lawndale Larry's (the 2nd of 5 Builders in our UNICORNS CHUMP ~ Born Free 5 Build Off)

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