Monday, January 21, 2013

Other things happening for your Calendar ...

Here's some information on parties / events over the next few weeks / months you should ad to your calendar.

January 26th
Dice Issue 40 Release Party, Culver City
Also a benefit for Caleb Owens.

January 25th-27th
Parking $10., Admission $20., Ouch!
It's 95% car show and 5% other (including motorcycles). Last year they had the Denver's Choppers on display and that was pretty cool, some other bikes too (no more than 15-20 more So-So's), but the indoor location sucks for photos. Food / Drinks are way too overpriced.

February 23rd
Johnny Cash Birthday Bash / Sue Boy II Ride / 2012 Lady Hump Magazine Release Party @ Gasser Lounge

March 9th
Love Cycles 4th Anniversary Party INFO HERE

March 16th
Shamruckus @ Gasser Lounge, Rukus Ride for St. Patricks Day

March 30th
Welcome Back Jesus / Gasser Lounge, all day ride to Planet Vulcan!

April 19th-21st
"Camping in McCain, Camping in McCain. Don't Drop Your Bike, Camping in McCain."
Oscar's Run

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