Friday, January 18, 2013

This Ghoul Pool is short this year, but we'll see ...

The Ghoul Pool this year only had three "official" entrants this year. Assuming any one of these people walks through the light, then we'll easily have a winner! If more than one takes that final dirt nap, we'll have a dance off to decide... 

Lady Hump chose:
Lawrence Tureaud (Born in 1952) (aka, Mr. T)
Carlos Ray Norris (Born in 1940) (aka, Chuck)
William "The Shat" Shatner (Born in 1931, and born in Canada)

TwistyMcFisty chose:
Bill Cosby (Born in 1937)
Nelson Mandela (Born in 1918)
Myself (Birthdate Unknown)

WhitelinePsycho Chose:
Julia Gillard [Aust. Prime Minister] (Born in 1961)
Robert Alan Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) (Born in 1941) 
and Hank Rollins*
(Not sure if this is Henry Rollins, Born in 1961, former Black Flag singer and SOA Actor?)

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