Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Throwing it up" with El Cuerno Uno!

 by Gabe Choate (Builder #4 on our huge list of 5) for the Unicorn's Chump Contest Build / Born Free 5 at the "Lady Hump and Superfriends" booth... It's not panic time, yet, and I'm starting to get updates from some of the builders and we're off to a good start. Looking good Gabe! Thanks.

So when you come to Born Free in June, make sure you stop by our booth and say "Hello Dolly!"

Check out Gabe's own blog at Loud n' Greasy HERE


Johnny Wolf said...

...actualy that says, "pmuh ydal".

Quit trowing it up backwards peeps!

Lady Hump said...

mirrors... what are you going to do?

L N G said...

hahaha. Yeah I'm a moron. And it did look right in the mirror.