Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homework, I Hate it ...

So someone dropped off the latest in (authentic?) (real?) (true?) (Outlaw?) (Television) Biker news at my door (mailman) and since I rarely practice my reading skills (dropped on my head at a young age, etc. etc.), I didn't get to it for a while. Is this what passes for a Hunk in Hollywood these days? No wonder high school teachers are sleeping with their students. I got a little time on my hands and nothing to do, so I decided that it was finally time to put down the pipe and pick up the literature. He's named "Jax" after a little girls toy game... what the hell happened to real MEN names like Magnum (PI), Adam "Bruce Wayne" West and Dirk Benedict? If you don't instanly know those character names, you're probably in the wrong blog. Go HERE instead.

And that lasted about (less than) 2 minutes before I decided to put down the magazine and crack one open. And this was my last private reserve stock bottle of my all time favorite beverage. It goes with both Beef and Chicken, and you really don't even need the beef or the chicken to enjoy it! That's what I'm talking bout'.

Work was pretty hard today. It involved Unicorns and Motorcycles. Artwork by the great Alan Stedman. His stuff is top notch in a thousand ways.

I did some other stuff too... but that's a secret. Until you see the pictures below, then you can figure it out in half a heartbeat. You know the "Pump, Pump"? Well, this is just the "Pump."

 These are for my good man Steffan in Oregon and he'll have them in hand in about a week! So hold your panties tight until then, then order yourself a shirt.

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