Sunday, February 3, 2013

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy ... on Fy'ahhhh!!!

I've been walkin' these streets so long
Singin' the same old song
I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway

Where hustle's the name of the game
And nice guys get washed away
Like the snow and the rain
And I dream of the things I'll do
With a subway token
And a dollar tucked inside my shoe

There'll be a load of compromisin'
On the road to my horizon
But I'm gonna be where the lights are shinin' on me
Like a rhinestone cowboy
Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo

Rhinestone cowboy
Gettin' cards and letters from people I don't even know
And offers comin' over the phone
(Mikey's new bike? perhaps)


Johnny Wolf said...

I think you just won your own contest. That's almost as bad as that bedazzled Sporty I posted a couple of years ago. Still gives me nightmares. I may have to resurrect that post for a second round comeback tour in honor of this one.

Lady Hump said...

Resurrection Now! ... and don't forget the Stormtrooper helmet.