Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing says "I love you" like FARTBARF can ...

FARTBARF played the Studio Hermosa bar last night (free show) and brought out most of the locals wearing their Gasser t-shirts (that was odd)(expectedly awesome). And let me just remind you, if you haven't experienced Fartbarf live, you really really really... need to. Everyone I expose to this band falls madly in love with their post-neaderthal analouge synthesits. So this Valentine's day, go ahead and youtube "Fartbarf" and get familiar with your next obsession. Read their Manifesto and shut cho mouth and dance.

and by the way... tonight, at the Gasser Lounge is the "Liquored Up Fer Lovin'" FREE puppy give-away where every girl get's a free puppy!* Single or in a committed relationship, it doesn't matter, come on down!
(* no one get's a free puppy)

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