Monday, February 18, 2013

SPORTSTERS RUIN (Introduction) (Post 1)

Okay so you might have heard across the bar counter that we're building a Gasser Lounge / Sailor Jerry / Lady Hump Magazine Sporty Chop (and seriously, what else would be worthy of building? "Nada" is Mechican for "nothing.") First day back on La Loca Borracha and pumping the jams, I must have played "Chocolate Rain" a dozen times. Are you down with O.P.P.?
We've posted a few teaser pics along the way of some bits and cheese we've picked up here and there, a front end, a seat, Wompy's pull start, etc. Well today we went down to our good friends shop, Safari Cycle Salvage and picked through his salvage goodness until we found just the bike we were looking for.
 The choices were many, and the selection varied, but in the end we decided NOT to go with the pink scooter for our bar build... I know, I know. It was a hard decision. But we're hard most of the time, so decisions like this are part of the territory. And we were in Long Beach, so when you're there, you gotta be even "harder" than most suburban parts of Los Angeles... Yo Boyz!
I found a Strawberry Beret when I looked in the little storage compartment. Score!

Burned out insurance bikes didn't really entice us either even though the engines were apparently in perfect shape.

 The "Sportsters Ruin" 1200 cc (1995) donor bike we picked up, with a little sweet talking, leftover love from Valentine's Day and dose of "heavy petting" (and I laced in just a pinch of Unicorn tears, dried and ground)(and a fresh battery) started up for the first time in a long time. It had been involved in a pretty extensive cosmetic accident within the last 6 months, but the important parts; the engine, the frame, we're magical! She's in her new home now, about to take off all her clothes...

So here's your first look at a bike that won't look anything like it does now when you see it in the future.

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