Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SPORTSTERS RUIN (Post 3) "Rear Ends are My Speciality."

This weeks updates (2/24/2013) on the SPORTSTERS RUIN project / bike build. Everything was golden with the paperwork and it was just time to strip her down to nothing. Not that we were trying to break any records, but over the course of a few hours and a few beverages, the bike went from a damaged stock 95' Sportster to a bone frame ready to chop.

Qoute of the Day by Allen
"Rear Ends are My Speciality."
And it's true, if anyone does, he's got the Sportsters rear end down to a science. Putting it on, dressing it up, stripping it down, etc. etc. What can I say?

We played a little with the Springer front end and mocked a tank, but nothings set in stone until the frame gets hardtailed. Stay tuned! Updates coming as progress is made. And there there's Exley laying down on the job...

... Steffan, get on those bars.

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JBMFT said...

I'm telling you, if ya needs anything...holla.