Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 2nd Annual Ruckus Ride is set in Limey Stone!

We've got Shenanigans planned.
We'll meet at the Gasser Lounge at 2:00 PM,
Ride to a authentic Irish Pub (for some grub, good stuff... we tried it yesturday for lunch and talked to the owner), then we'll roll over to a semi-secret location and get a chance to pluck a tot from the magic potato tree... one Lucky McWinner will win a prize any Irishman would skin a Leprechaun for. Yes, skin that little man like a cat! Let's just say, the winner wont be thirsty for the rest of the night... and it's back to the Gasser Lounge for Bagpipes, Hooligans, and She Nags!

(we do not condone the abuse of animals.)

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