Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Truth about the Little Pink Scooter ...

Okay, someone spun the bottle and the truth is we did rock the Little Pink Scooter. It might have had Hurricane Sandy stuck in the fuel line, but we tooled it like none other!

Dog Williams from WhiteLinePsycho out of Australia got a advance look at the book and here's what he had to say; "It arrived today mate . . . Bloody Awesome my Lady of the Hump !!! So Grateful man, Thank You so very much . . ."

Thanks to everyone who's purchased a pre-sale copy of UNICORN AMATOR 2012. I'll start sending them out today, cause there's no chance you can get them before Saturday now unless you live super close. I've update the Rainbow Push Pop shirt quantities too, since I plan on giving some of these away at the Sue Boy 2 Ride raffle too. Anything you order now ships today or tomorrow. Weekend orders will wait till Monday to ship. Thanks so much!

"Hey baby, wanna pet my Unicorn?"

Another shout out to the CHOP CULT NEWS blog who's now promoted our SUE BOY 2 RIDE and JOHNNY CASH BIRTHDAY BASH flyers! Thanks so much. You should really add them to your daily reader. Saturday is going to be fun! I know Mikey has a few more surprises in store for everyone too... 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

You guys look great on the little pink missile . . . the photo compendium is brilliant mate, cheers.