Saturday, February 9, 2013

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday ... I love you

The good news; we've received the first shipment of UNICORN AMATOR for our SUE BOY II RIDE release party! We'll have copies for the raffle give-a-way and we'll have enough for anyoneone else that wants to buy one, no problem!

And teaser pic here, we're working on something EXTRA for the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash from the Lady Hump! That's right... I'm not spilling the beans yet, stay tuned till I can post up some proper pictures. I've got work to do.

And what might I ask is this? 
Well, it's the 1200 cc power plant we've secured for the way overdue Gasser Lounge / Lady Hump / Sailor Jerry bike build. Oh yeah, I said it. Take a good look boys cause it'll be unrecognizeable when we get done with it.

The seat for the eventural hard tail.

The support crew putting on a little fashion show for the Ladies.

... and breakfast cause it's almost 8 am and I've been up all night. I've got a love affair for stouts and this is what the local grocer had for selection. It's from San Diego (a plus) so I decided to give it a ride around the block. The downside, I've had Zombie Performance sending me Terminator Stout from Oregon and that shits the premium deliciousness of the Stout Universe so everything else is a sloppy seconds on the Mile High Club frequent flyer ticket.

I almost ended this post with "Love you" I'm so tired.

How gay.

Right, CRFyou?

Oh yeah, the "bad" news... there is NONE!


Johnny Wolf said...

I haven't heard that word since the 80's. I was in a hair band in '84 called AMATROY.

Lady Hump said...

Ha ha ha! Johnny... ha

Johnny Wolf said...

I wish I could find some old flyers, and pix.