Friday, February 1, 2013

Unicorns Chump / Builder No. 2 Lawndale Larry


"Not much to report. Still waiting on the new frame to show up, I decided to go with a rigid and setting the lash on the tappets. I had Mike from Lawndale Cycle order Me some Rivera parts rather than a swing arm frame. The motor is pretty much done except for tightening up a few bolts for the SU carb, and I made a custom bracket to support the entire intake assembly. I mounted a cast aluminum oil filter housing and home made bracket to the motor. I also have the front end Girder legs and rockers just about ready for plating & powder coating. and I have been working on a custom kicker pedal that is not quite finished but should have a photo of it on my next update.  And I should have my frame later in the month, It is a frame that I have wanted for a long time, and it is going to kill. When I get the new frame, I will decide if the old king and queen seat will work or not,  It looks to me like it is designed more for a swinger frame due to the angle of it."

~ Larry

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