Friday, March 22, 2013

All year long, we're giving out FREE Shop Rags (The Vulcan Jesus Ride)

 Our second in the year, The Vulcan Jesus Ride shop rags are ready. FREE for everyone who comes out and rides with us on the Vulcan Jesus Ride CHOP CULT EVENT LINK HERE.
"Save me one pleassssseeeee!!!!'
Sure, I'll save you one till you show up on 
MARCH 30th at 11:00 AM
Come Gassed Up and Ready To Ride.
We're not waiting for continually late laggers... The U.S.S. Lady Hump is engaging warp drive!!!

Collect them all... this is the second in our year long series of shop rag give-aways! By the end of the year if you come on all bar hops, local, and not-so-local rides you're going to end up with some pretty damn cool wall art to remember 2013 with, that's for sure 'nuff.

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