Thursday, March 21, 2013

Change in Blogger?

Is it just me, or did Blogger just change up the way you could view photos on your (any) Blog?

I used to be able to click on a photo and it would pop up in a smaller center window. Even then, I could click on the pop-up-photo and it would advance to the next photo...?

This is apparealty gone? Now clicking on a photo takes you off the blog to the photo URL and you have to hit the BACK button to get back to the blog.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks! Post a comment or a link to HELP me.

I'm obviously RETARDED.


hooligan said...

i think it might have to do with where the picture is uploaded from. I.E. from your harddrive, a web url, cellphone. The ones i upload from my cell aren't even clickable to expand them. Blogger is just weird sometimes.

Gophers and Cheese said...

I think it's the blog owner's choice. Design... Settings... Posts and Comments... Showcase images with Lightbox (Yes/No). Personally, I don't like the pop-up box so I turned that function off on my blog. Everyone's different. Ideally it would be the reader's choice, not the blog owner.

Lady Hump said...

Thanks G&C, that's pretty simple. I couldn't find it. When I did (thanks to you) it still doesn't work property to open pictures in a lightbox. It must be a glitch on their end. My settings are good. Thanks.

Gophers and Cheese said...

Oh well - worth a try.

Lady Hump said...

Upon more research, and a couple more days gone by; apparently this is a bigger problem that blogger knows about across the blogosphere... so everyone seems affected. Hope they resolve it soon.