Thursday, March 28, 2013

CRFyou is behind the wheel; Garage Co. Party Pics from 3/23/2013

Our BFF CRFyou has been behind the lense at Lady Hump Photography School for Gifted Children this month and he's turned in his homework for the past couple weeks so that means we've got lots and lots of photos to share on the Lady Hump! Oh boy!!! You're about to see more choppers (and some other less worthy motorcycles) and releated bike(r) event (chop cult type bike stuff not HOG events crap) pictures than one persons could simply capture on their own (cause if their was two events; I went one way, CRFyou went the other... double dippin' taggin bro! That's how they do it in pornos!!!) Well, we got that. 

Garage Co. Pre-Born Free 5 Party on March 23rd 2013
Inglewood CA.

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