Thursday, March 14, 2013


We're just the number 88, brah.

 We couldn't have done it with out you.  We may be a sweet, sweet vehicle but YOU are the ones that make us a winner... and there's an award coming for you too.

 What the hell are we talking about, you ask?  Oh.  You haven't heard?  Oh heavens, you've not yet received the good news?!  

Well let us inform you!

 Gasser Lounge won BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAR in Easy Reader's 2013 Best of the Beach Reader's Poll!!!  Hell yea!  Also our own Kat Murphy tied for Runner-Up in the Best Bartender category!  Crazy right?  Oh yea, AND we tied for Runner-Up Best Martini too! 

Now we are STOKED out of our heads right now (even though we found out a week ago and were sworn to secrecy), but we realize that the only reason we're the best is because of YOU all.  Not only did you take time out of your busy schedule to go clickity clackity on your computer device and vote for us, but also YOU are as big of a part of our success as anything else.

All the cool shit on the walls or the synically witty emails or the stupidly-named cocktails or the hair-brained parties would not be any bit of fun without all of your smiling faces.  YOU make it fun, YOU make it cool, and YOU deserve to take just as much pride in being the BEST as any of us here do.  Very simply, thanks guys.

Now we will be throwing a "We're awesome we won fuck the pier blah blah blah" party really soon, but we don't want to distract you with that when we have some serious St. Patrick's Day throwing down to prepare for!  We're not combining celebrations.  Oh no.  Each gets its own day.  Mmmk?

Here's the rundown for Saturday:

11am- Hermosa Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We're in it.  We've already been warned by the Royal Society of Hermosa Beach city officials that almost everything we're planning is going to get shut down by parade organizers so be there early.  Get as close to the start line as possible because there's a good chance half of us will be escorted off the parade route.  We apologize if we're the only ones who know what a St. Pat's parade is supposed to look like, but we're bringing the show ladies and gentlemen.

The good part is, however, Gasser will be open at 11am this Saturday so if things go awry, we have a place to go.  You're invited.

2pm- The handsome hooligans of Lady Hump are meeting at Gasser for the Ruckus Ride.  There's a ridiculously fun St. Pat's theme to this ride that you don't want to miss.  Also one lucky rider will be winning something so awesome that you car-dwellers out there might want to consider buying or stealing a motorcycle just to be a part of this.  Also, the WAY in which you find out if you won is something SO AWESOME there's no way we could ever do it in the bar.  Just sayin.

7:30pm- Our Beloved Kings face off against the Sharks.  There will be goals.  There will be shots.  There will be blood.

10pm- Our world-famous, grammy-winning, kilt-wearing, lady-killing bag piper returns to fill the hallowed halls of Gasser with the sounds of the Isle!

MIDNIGHT-  Our favorite St. Pat's tradition- the $1 Jameson toast.  Don't miss it!!

Sunday we're opening at 2pm and starting ALL OVER!!  Be sure to check out ourfacebook page for all the details.

Now with all the craziness getting ready for this weekend, we COMPLETELY forgot to remind you of another one of our traditions- St. Jameson Stout!!  Every year our friends at 3 Brewing cook up a batch of this very special beer made with REAL Jameson just for us.  No one else can get it.  How'd we work this out?  Well, we saved the brewmaster over there from being attacked by a mountain lion one time and this is how he thanks us.  Also, don't bring any mountain lions this weekend.  Dude's still scared shitless of them.

We've got 15 gallons of the St. Jameson Stout and it WILL NOT LAST!  We're tapping it Friday at 5pm so all of you old farts that love beer and hate crowds this is your chance to wrap your lips around some black gold (not the stripper)... well, more like dark dark brown gold (also not a stripper)... well, really like a rich mahogany (not the male stripper.)

Alright folks.  Enough email (blog) blabber.  We've got green beer to move, give-aways to finish making (oooh hand-made free stuff), and city officials to argue with

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