Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Hello Neighborhood Watch? I'd like to report a Bunch o' Hooligans shooting a Cannon..."

After finishing up our Irish Nachos at Paddyo's we headed up the coast to the Magical City of El Segundo...

True. This is where someone once lost their wallet.
But not on this occassion. This was the lost, now found, then lost again, secret location of the Magical Potato Tree of El Segundo.
 Every rider got a chance (or more) to pluck from on yonder the Potato of their choice, and eventually the Air-Powered Potato Cannon did fire. Only one close call; CRFyou about had his testicals removed whilest standing in front of said Cannon upon ejectory, and Dean had a couple flesh wounds. Mere flesh wounds... walk them off, the bleeding will stop.

(more coming...)

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