Monday, March 11, 2013

Here's a Chance to see your Original Art promoted on the Lady Hump and more ...

MAY 4th

We could easily just crank out this idea, but we thought it would be "funner" to opening this up and seeing what spin you might put on our stupidity ... We're putting together a series of 4 pieces of Original Art (Star Wars de' Mayo) for an upcoming party and ride at the Gasser Lounge on May 4th. If selected your Original Art will be printed on card stock approx. 13 x 15 posters and postcards, and used to promote the party/ride, posted in public, and a copy of same will be mailed to you.

If interested in participating and you've got something related to artistic skill, drawing, photoshop chopping, or other, and wanna throw in, here's how;

Your art has to have a Star Wars themed crossover with Cinco de' May ... except our party and ride will be on May 4th ... which is as you all should know ... National Star Wars Day! Think Obi Juan Kenobi, Boba Fett in PRI colors, Lucha'D2 and Si'3pee Oh, etc. etc.

You have from (today) March 11th, until April 1st to submit your submission! If you're serious about this, three weeks is more than enough time to handle your business and get this done.

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