Friday, March 15, 2013

It's only March and you've picked a BEST OF 2013 ?

I saw this helmet in pictures last year, but this is the first chance to see it in person and it's paint scheme is absolutely fantastic. Something besides pin stirpes and metal flake? Yep. So here's a sneak peak of The Lady Hump's BEST OF 2013 ... 9 months ahead of schedule. Rolled in to the Love Cycles Campout (3/9) by "now bald" DJ.

I didn't have a Best Helmet in 2012 but here's the BEST HELMET from 2011.


dj kinsley said...

i got the basic idea from death spray. my pal is vegas painted it with spray paint.

Lady Hump said...

So fresh, it's dope! I love it.