Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"I've Won! I'lve Won! I found the Golden Key...!!! ??? !!!"

There was a winner (congratulations!) who did choose wisely and found the Magical Golden Key shoved deep inside the potato.. and what did he win? Probably shouldn't tell you, but suffice to say he need not take his wallet out on the remainder of this St. Patricks Day for any concern or bother.

Others, we're so angry they wen't Green Hulk and Smashed the remaining potatos looking in desperation for a second key (there was no second key... only one Golden Key exists... )

And now forever, the location of the Magical Potato Tree of El Segundo has slipped back into it's quiet solitude, waiting for another year to pass by before it opens it's flower buds and poops out another harvest of magical potatos for a new generations...

(the sound of the wind blowing steadily over the glenn... whooooossshhhh......)

...and back to the Gasser Lounge for us, for the SHAMRUCKUS PARTY is about to begin!!!

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