Monday, March 4, 2013

Raffle Winners at the Sue Boy 2 Ride

Ok, so the deal always is with our magazine give-aways; you come on the ride and somewhere along the route, you get a raffle ticket. There's no cost, but you have to come on the ride. Once back in the bar we have a few, then we pick winners from the tickets. This year we gave out both magazines and shirts. This isn't all the winners but the cute ones who posed for the camera. Thanks to everyone who came out and rode with us downtown for pizza at pizzanista, had a drink with us at the Little Bear Belgian Pub, and tooled back along Alameda to the Gasser Lounge. See you next time ... 

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...and when is next time?
Saturday March 16th 2013
on the 2nd annual RUCKUS RIDE
and we're plucking magical potatos (when's the last time you did that? Never...)

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