Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SPORTSTERS RUIN (Post No.6) Slims Fab #610

First order of Business, give props to the one and only SLIM FAB

We're not afraid to give credit where credit is due. And let me tell you all, this is one of those moments in life when you know, for an absolute certainty, that you made the right choice. Many have made that same choice before us (#609 in fact, since we're #610... in his frame building history), only some aren't as forward as we are going to be; right here, right now. This build, this undertaking, it all hinges on the foundation, and the foundation is the modifications that Slim made to our frame. Mike Torres, our resident Gasser Lounge local, came up with the specs that Slim (as the pictures show) made a reality. 

I demanded that (if nothing else) we incorporate a straight back-bone on this build. Soak in the excellence of that bone!!! Soak in that Glory.

The Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge / Sailor Jerry's SPORTSTERS RUIN build is moving forward... Stay tuned Bloggosphere.

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