Monday, March 18, 2013

The BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAR in the South Bay enters the Parade ...

That's right. The Gasser Lounge was VOTED the Best Neighborhood Bar in the South Bay (by many of you readers here! Thank you) and we entered the Hermosa Beach St. Patricks Day parade and we WON BEST PARADE ENTRANT!!!*
Thank you!!!*
We had Girls, Girls, Girls, Furry Animals, Vintage Motorcycles, BMX'ers, a Chopped Truck (winky winky), LOUD ROCK N' ROLL MUSIC, a Stripper Pole!!!! and the Hooligan Hot Tube (which they didn't allow...?)
Here's just a few shots of us in the starting line getting ready to make history...

* We'll get to that soon enough... stay tuned

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