Friday, March 1, 2013

The End of the February Blogosphere Challenge ... to a grinding halt

Although, last year, the February Blogosphere Challenge was a total success... this year not so much so. I truly believe that the weather was the reason behind this years downward trend in both attendance and involvement. You might think that since everyones snowed in and stuck in the house unable to ride, that "viewership" on the blog would increase? I'm thinking that it was too much for some people to handle and they went all up and bearded-hermit on us, until Spring breaks and they can emerge from their "Chopper Coma."
That's not to say we didn't have some playaz' that gave it a shot. They did. Others dropped the snowball so to speak... I'll highlight some of the contestants below that offered up some original content in the month of February (see below)

Third Place Winner was LOUD N GREASY

Second Place Winner was JBMFT

First Place / Grand Prize Winner was...

Gophers and Cheese really put us through a visual experience of photographs and events from his local area. Congratulations!

 "Tell us what he wins Bob?"
It's a FREE copy of UNICORN AMATOR!!!
Our third book chronicling motorcycle rides, events, parties, camping trips, you name it, that we attend in the Southern California (and some other places too) area. 168 full color gloss photography pages and it's completely ad free, that means there's not a single ad in the book what so ever. Hope you enjoy it!

And to end this all on a sour note; Is Blogging Dead?
All data points to yes. Video did forever kill the Radio Star, and Facebook / Instagram killed the Blogger.
The Lady Hump will trudge on until the end comes for us, and then this too shall pass.

"I never calculated a world in which Blogging ceased... Oh Dear God."

Did you get the "data" reference? Someone did I hope...


WhitelinePsycho said...

I'm gonna ride the fucker to the ground mate, come hell or firewater. Congrats to all involved and to you and your dogged pursuit of sportyliciousness, all hail the Hump.

JBMFT said...

Holding down 2nd place, oh yeah...