Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Botas Puntudas Fetto

Saturday May 4th, is going to be a wild one, and it involves some homework on your part.  Gasser Lounge doors open at 2pm for the "Lady Hump Death Star Trench Run" heading down to the Cinco De Mayo Festival on Olvera Street.  Free screen printed shop rags for every rider and passenger too! Collect them all... Game three of the playoffs starts at 7pm followed by our "Star Warz De Mayo Party."  We've got all kinds of silly crap planned for the entire day so plan on sticking around!  And yes, this is one of those stupid parties where we expect you to dress up... including while on the ride! especially while on the ride!  Who doesn't think a Wookiee on a motorcycle is funny?!? Cause it is...  We've all been working on our costumes for weeks, so get out your glue and glitter and show us your best Mexican-themed Star Warz outfit!  R2D2 on switches, Princess Leia Frida, Churro-selling Ewok, whatever, we'll hug it out later...  Get creative.  We got a sweet, sweet prize for the best costume!


Random Back-lot pictures from the Long Beach Cycle Swap 4/28/13

And a huge thanks to Atom from 24Cycles for throwing Lady Hump a table each and every month. Beerbreed forever. ...although, in this picture everyone is seemingly looking at something much more interesting? Maybe a dude with a shaved chest was walking by. Perhaps?

Monday, April 29, 2013

1968 XLCH ...and a great description

 1968 XLCH Ironhead Sportster for sale at the Long Beach Cycle Swap April 28th 2013. 
 Nice description and rainbow colored FOR SALE sign... watch out Justin Bieber, you're a punk.


 The Sportster's Ruin build between the Gasser Lounge / Lady Hump and Sailor Jerry is coming along. We're currently waiting on parts from Lowbrow and the bike should be ready to run through the hoops before the Wuss "Diablo" Ride takes it south of the border on the EDR5.

Needless to say, the Beast was stunned. Whip-Crack went his Whoppy tail and the Beast was done!
Vdubbya Rimming
 And as always, thanks to Sailor Jerry for jumping into bed with us (on more than one ocassion) and letting us drive the bus! You Rule.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

FARTBARF May 1st, Hermosa Beach

So you missed them in San Francisco this weekend? Well, there's Salvation around the corner...
May 1st 2013
Studio Hermosa in Hermosa Beach

Can't get enough FARTBARF in my life, they Rule!

Find a Fartbarf event near you? 

Lady Hump and Superfriends UNICORN'S CHUMP Build progress by CRFyou

CRFyou's UNICORN CHUMP Build for Born Free 5

Branden sent in some pictures of his Unicorn's Chump BSA build for the Lady Hump and Superfriends booth at this years BORN FREE 5.
What's the Unicorn's Chump?
>>> The Unicorn's Chump Born Free Reject Builders Builds <<<
We tried to gather anyone who wanted to build a bitching super-bike for Born Free 5 this year and display it in our Double-Wide booth at Born Free. Liquidation prvided by (guess? same as last year, only more...) and fun to be had hanging out with the Lady Hump, Beerbreed/24Cycles, Bacon Crew and Gasser Lounge crew! Few joined up, and few continue the progress reporting desired, but fear not, like Donna Summers, "We shall survive!"

 Yes, it's going to have a Star Wars themed paint job...

"At this point, my '68 BSA will be ready for Olde Mexico before the pan. Rebuilt the engine, rebuilding the head, new electronic ignition, ample room to lean back... Hide your chicks, this thing removes panties... Love, Branden"

(Curious? No mentions of dude's briefs?)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Glentucky Luvin' (the video coming soon...)

Soon in Country terms is probably different than soon in City terms?

But suffice to say, I obtained all the sheep footage since then...


 We've received communications over the Holonet that the Sith Lords M/C, Coruscant Charter, is heading down to The Gasser Lounge for our Star Warz de' Mayo Ride & Party... May 4th 2013
and we're still destroying the Death Star at Midnight.


"We Never Forget"

We just can't stop promoting this. The material and interest is literally... timeless. Or endless. Or Infinate... take your pick. The material is Awesome. 

One Week Away... STAR WARZ DE MAYO

 We've reached the one week away countdown for the Star Warz de' Mayo party nuclear detonation.
I've got a ton still to prep for the party to make it a success for the Rebellion...

Why do we put so much into just another party? Cause we're psudo-adults with O.C.D. and love good freinds and beer and want to give you something to remember and talk about and forget, then remember again... like Escape to Hazzard County, Carnevil, Beaver Day, The Shamruckus Ruckus Ride, The Sue Boy Ride, The End of the World Party, and every other event we've taken to extreme retardation levels... hope you didn't get a Retardation Burns cause not only is it contagious, but it's terminal.

My first rattle can helmet job. Not bad, I'd do a few things different next time. Will there be a next time? Did Bill Cosby put a bullet in the furnace? Hell yeah!

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Giant Rock Run (II) The Revenge (pics)

 From Long Beach to Giant Rock for a night of drinking in the high 90's (yeah, that's temperature for all you east coasters still iced in). Extreme heat causes the necessity for consuming large amounts of liquid refreshments.
 Let's just put it out there; Men and Guns.

 Note the dead Camel Spider on the ground. This one attacked int he middle of the night.

Locals drawn to the light of the fire...

Speaing of fire. Time to play with fire perhaps?

There's a "community" that frequents this place like one would expect to find at Slab City, minus the age. Where Slab City is a retirement home, Giant Rock is where the 30 "Friends era" somethings go to trip. They bring their own DJ and spun mind melting music until 7am'ish. I crashed out at about 3:30 and woke up in a lizard tunnel with first light and they were still dancing... I packed up and started the bike and when I was rolling out, the DJ cut the music and saluted us as we rode by. If you ever blast on out there, look for the same... 

I'm leaving the take of the Rock Lobster for another day.
Sleep? Who needs it.
 Giant Rock Run II on 4/20/13

Thursday, April 25, 2013

San Francisco FARTBARF Saturday Night show just added...

@ Costello's Four Deuces
2319 Taraval Street, San Francisco
Saturday April 27th 2013
10 pm NO COVER 21+ over

(and for those of you way out of town, Fartbarf is also playing the Gasser Lounge the night before Born Free5.)

Also looking for cool places to drink while we're in town. If you got any, post them up.

San Francisco.... FARTBARF is coming

 One night only, here's your chance to catch FARTBARF and BANDPAX in San Francisco tomorrow night, Friday April 26th 2013. As we speak they've just hit town...

Fartbarf is Lady Hump approved.

FARTBARF - Double Click Me from Carrie Hargett on Vimeo.

Star Warz de' Mayo ~ Walk Among Us

 The Death Star Pinata will be destroyed at Midnight
Filled with hand painted sugar skulls and lead laced candy. A serious candy fight is sure to erupt. Pick your sides wisely. Disclaimer: candy fights in the bar often result in minor injuries, bruises most commonly associated with being hit by small pieces of candy thrown at high velocity. Stormtrooper armor is not advised as it rarely protects from even the weakest of blaster fire.

Star Warz de' Mayo
MAY 4th 2013
 (Details on the ride Start Time and Route will be forthcoming).