Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Born To Be Gorn (2)

 So we rolled into Vasquez Rocks and there's all this traffic exiting the park, so much so I'm starting to think there's a complete cluster turn-around up ahead and there'll be no where to park. But it was just the rehearsal for the yearly Passion Play they put on there... so the place was filled with Hebrews and Romans in full garb and a couple new believers here and there.
The first thing that happened was one of the many Sherriffs came over to talk to us. Luckily, no one disrespects the Capt. Kirk... long story short, we can act the fool as long as it doesn't bleed over into the Crucifix set. We promised we'd hide over the first Hill of Skulls. You saw some of the fight photographs a day ago, but here's the match record if you're taking notes...
 And so begins the 
"Pon Farr Tournament of Champions!"
First up was Kirk v. Spock
Second up was Mikey B. and Douglas
Third Match Spock v. Arturo
Fourth Mikey v. Kirk
and the ultimate Death Match Five; Exley v. Alan (tomorrows pictures)
Exley took it to the dirt with some pretty heavy welting and a fractured thumb!

Leg swipe, back-planting action!!!

"Look Joseph... There's some poeple up on the hill and it looks like they're fighting?"
"Just ignore those heathens Martha..."
"But ... but... it excites me?"

Harley parts? What do you gotta do to keep them attached to your bike? Mikey lost both his headlight and tail-light on the ride out. Like a Fail in the Front and Back... Ugh.

Bone'n out when the cops are rolling in! (not really)
Thanks for letting us get stupid behind your Passion Play!

And hey, yeah, thanks; we know the term "Pon Farr" has little or nothing to do with the Gorn / Vasquez Rocks episode, but we're running this shit-show so just go with the flow. We'll match it up any way it works. 

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