Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Botas Puntudas Fetto

Saturday May 4th, is going to be a wild one, and it involves some homework on your part.  Gasser Lounge doors open at 2pm for the "Lady Hump Death Star Trench Run" heading down to the Cinco De Mayo Festival on Olvera Street.  Free screen printed shop rags for every rider and passenger too! Collect them all... Game three of the playoffs starts at 7pm followed by our "Star Warz De Mayo Party."  We've got all kinds of silly crap planned for the entire day so plan on sticking around!  And yes, this is one of those stupid parties where we expect you to dress up... including while on the ride! especially while on the ride!  Who doesn't think a Wookiee on a motorcycle is funny?!? Cause it is...  We've all been working on our costumes for weeks, so get out your glue and glitter and show us your best Mexican-themed Star Warz outfit!  R2D2 on switches, Princess Leia Frida, Churro-selling Ewok, whatever, we'll hug it out later...  Get creative.  We got a sweet, sweet prize for the best costume!


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