Friday, April 5, 2013

Curly Wolf TONIGHT @ St. Rocke

This is a sneak attack so we have to keep it quiet.  One little whisper that those damned hellraisers from Gasser Lounge are about to do anything that doesn't suck in the jurisdiction of the Hermosa Beach City Council of Doom and the whole thing could end up BANNED... again.

That's right, folks.  We're once again braving the hostile wind of Hb's Fun Police to try and spread a little joy to the world.  Why would we ever leave the sanctity of our wonderful little rock 'n roll paradise in Redondo?  Well because this little shindig is just TOO BIG for our walls.

Our pals in The Curly Wolf are celebrating the release of their much anticipated full-length album Both Barrels tonight with a performance at Saint Rocke.  These guys put on one HELL of a show packed FULL of Hank III-esque fury!  Also, all the album art and t-shirt designs were done by Gasser Lounge's Bill Beekman and it's all pretty damn awesome.

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