Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gorn To Be Wild

How many people here are familiar with Star Trek?
Did you watch the original series? I grew up on TNG, and keep in mind that was before the Star Wars prequels so I have an excuse. I'm not old yet. But I'd like to think I know my Trek as well as my Lucas. Even if we're going to butcher some episodes and flat-out mix-in others to make this happen.
It all started that fateful day from the Gasser Lounge...
The Vulcan Jesus Ride
(aka Rise Above II)
The Pon Farr Tournament of Champions 
The Welcome Back Jesus Party
It all starts so innocent, with a motorcycle ride...
We're heading out to Vasquez Rocks where we thought we'd have the whole place to ourselves. We were wrong. But, that's to be expected... we adapt and overcome. Restiance is... how do you say? Futile. More on that later ...
Quick stop in Northridge (?) at Shaddys pad for some brews and hotdogs. Thanks for the hospitality. We appreciate it to be sure!!! Sorry if I'm spelling your name wrong?

"Btw, does this look wrong to you?"
Alan (the third alan in our group) says it's not wrong if you (I) can fit it in your mouth.
Mission Accomplished.
(I'm a huge Blades of Glory fan... i.e., Lady Hump)
and the ladies point out, I have "perky nipples." So do you my dear.

To Be Continued...

Did you look at my nipples twice yet?

I'll bet you have now.

and how many of you got the "Gorn" to be Wild joke? Courtesy of Paul Moses. Thanks.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

I checked out the nipples before I read a word . . . mmmmmmmm.