Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lady Hump and Superfriends UNICORN'S CHUMP Build progress by CRFyou

CRFyou's UNICORN CHUMP Build for Born Free 5

Branden sent in some pictures of his Unicorn's Chump BSA build for the Lady Hump and Superfriends booth at this years BORN FREE 5.
What's the Unicorn's Chump?
>>> The Unicorn's Chump Born Free Reject Builders Builds <<<
We tried to gather anyone who wanted to build a bitching super-bike for Born Free 5 this year and display it in our Double-Wide booth at Born Free. Liquidation prvided by (guess? same as last year, only more...) and fun to be had hanging out with the Lady Hump, Beerbreed/24Cycles, Bacon Crew and Gasser Lounge crew! Few joined up, and few continue the progress reporting desired, but fear not, like Donna Summers, "We shall survive!"

 Yes, it's going to have a Star Wars themed paint job...

"At this point, my '68 BSA will be ready for Olde Mexico before the pan. Rebuilt the engine, rebuilding the head, new electronic ignition, ample room to lean back... Hide your chicks, this thing removes panties... Love, Branden"

(Curious? No mentions of dude's briefs?)

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