Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Temporal Distortions of the Body and Mind

Enter Giant Rock ...

"entered"  past participle, past tense of en·ter(Verb)
But you were on the Lady Hump.
"So what did you expect?"
Have you ever partied with a Goat?
Well, we have...

 If we're going to dance to electronica, we're going to do it "Pants Down!"
Don't forget that.

 "It's more of a stationary dance, but involves a lot of hand girationing... somthing we consider ourselves experts in."

 Naked Rob at Giant Rock.
Vimeo Rising...

In the future Rob, The T1000 you send back, will hunt your younger self... with less than successful results. Just sayin.
He was all set to terminate you and I poured a beer on him.
Short Circuit style Johnny 5!

You just went on the Giant Rock Run! What are you gonig to do now?
Nurse this hangover....

Where's Ben?
"Oh Shit?!!?!!!? Where's Ben??????"

We Lost Ben.... or did Ben lose us?

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