Friday, April 26, 2013

The Giant Rock Run (II) The Revenge (pics)

 From Long Beach to Giant Rock for a night of drinking in the high 90's (yeah, that's temperature for all you east coasters still iced in). Extreme heat causes the necessity for consuming large amounts of liquid refreshments.
 Let's just put it out there; Men and Guns.

 Note the dead Camel Spider on the ground. This one attacked int he middle of the night.

Locals drawn to the light of the fire...

Speaing of fire. Time to play with fire perhaps?

There's a "community" that frequents this place like one would expect to find at Slab City, minus the age. Where Slab City is a retirement home, Giant Rock is where the 30 "Friends era" somethings go to trip. They bring their own DJ and spun mind melting music until 7am'ish. I crashed out at about 3:30 and woke up in a lizard tunnel with first light and they were still dancing... I packed up and started the bike and when I was rolling out, the DJ cut the music and saluted us as we rode by. If you ever blast on out there, look for the same... 

I'm leaving the take of the Rock Lobster for another day.
Sleep? Who needs it.
 Giant Rock Run II on 4/20/13

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