Monday, April 22, 2013

The Lost Mine of Wild Bill Oppenheimer

Spires Restaurant off Lakewood.
Everyone met at 9:00 am if you we're down for some Camel Spider hunting in the cactus weeds.
A mere 150 some odd miles takes you to the middle of somewhere. Legend has it the German Hermit who one lived under the Giant Rock now brings modern day Nazis out of hiding. And this being Hitlers Birthday (4/20) we though we might encounter some goose fashion in the sand. We were wrong, very wrong. Instead what we found was something from the likes of Slab City with a sprinkle of fairy dust and electronica.

This stop along the way was Pappys and Harriet's in Pioneer-town outside of somewhere along the route. I gave you enough information there to piece it together if you're really interested. And you should be, you should be... 

Who parked their bike under the Giant Rock Giant Puss? That's obvious. 

The bikes safely secured under the mid day beating heat with a Charming Prospect left behind (Hugo), we traveled to the lost mine of Wild Bill Oppenheimer for some spelunking. Lady Hump had a copy of a legit map he bought off a Dirt Wizzard from a phone number in the bathroom stall of a Circle K at a gas stop a couple miles back yonder.

Mysteries abound.

And the Legend of Tequila Ben is around the corner...

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Nobody party's like the Humpers, Unicorns in the mist, schweet !!!