Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vasquez Roxx Racing Team

 Riding shots from the Vasquez Roxx "Vulcan Jesus Ride" March 30th 2013.
Every year before Easter, and for the Gasser Lounge WELCOME BACK JESUS Party, the Lady Hump plans a day trip to an exotic local (and not just strip clubs)(and related stupidity; the Pon Farr Tournament of Champions, etc.). For last year's RISE ABOVE, we went to the top of Mount Wilson along the Angeles Crest for a smog filled view of the filth and traffic we're breathing every day along the asphault. This year (we wanted to Rise Above, Rising Above...) we took it a step higher and traveled to the Planet Vulcan on the Vulcan Jesus Ride... Next years route destination is already planned; we're riding from Redondo Beach to the Ryugyong Hotel for brunch and Oyster soup prior to the big guys arrival at midnight... but that's a year away.

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