Monday, April 1, 2013

Vulcan Jesus is Risen, Praise Master Haddok ...

 Whoa.... there's so much I could write about this years RISE ABOVE ride, aptly titles The Vulcan Jesus Ride and the subsequent Pon Farr Tournament of Champions at Vasquez Roxx and the subsequent Welcome Back Jesus party at the Gasser Lounge!!! But it's going to wait for another today. Today, just check out some of these pictures and soak in the Sun.

 Pon Farr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beer Break at Vasquez Rocks
 Testical Injury!*
 Walk it off Bro...
"I ...can't ...walk."

* I might have made some of that up.

1 comment:

WhitelinePsycho said...

Fucking genius Humpers, the header shot kills it, especially with Captain Dirk with a mouthfull of something that looks remarkably like cock . . . I mean that in a nice way Al.