Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy Weekend A'head Matey

Radar from Walk The Line Tattoos (Athens, GA.) was in town this week laying down some beats, me and Mikey finished up the Bromatic Voyage tattoos ala Unicorn Amator...
 Going to be fixated on some other things this weekend; Chief amongst the Indian population is getting the Sportsters Ruin assembled and rear fender fabbed up. Time travel not withstanding, we're double and triple fisting this build.

 Super huge thanks to Lowbrow Customs for setting us up with bits and tackle for the Sportsters Ruin bike build. We need to get this tank to the painter asap! 


"Did someone say EDR?"
Here's some random El Diablo Run 4 pictures from 2011 to keep you motivated on going on this years EDR5!!! I'll probably get way more excited as we get closer to the launch date and post up a ton more photos from Baja ...

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