Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Star Warz de' Mayo Downtown Trench Run Runners group photo in front of the Carlos III statue.
Security guard gettin in the mix.
I'm not entirely sure why Olvera St. has a Spanish King statue, other than it's Spanish and the dude looks like a cross between George Washington and some drunk Hanna Barbara cartoon character, and he likes to carry a stick? We added a lightsaber to the statue in honor of National Star Wars Day (making it, I guess, International Star Wars Day?)

You know if there's a donkey in the area, we're taking pictures. The girls operating the booth started out flirting but turned hostile once we turned on the "Bro Charm" still they serviced our needs even if it was processing the film in 2 "mexican minutes" (I'm not making this up either...)

I think next years Star Warz de' Mayo ride needs to get down and dirty in Echo Park or East L.A., somewhere a little more sketchy and a whole damn lot less expensive ... can I get an "whoot whoot!" (that's an R2 whistle).


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