Monday, May 27, 2013

Crossing the Border on the El Diablo Run (EDR5 post 1)

 Caveman Stedman rocking his official EDR2013 shirt and his Undercover Brother Wuss Diablo Ride shirt like a true Boss. Crossed the border by 9am for one of the fastest rides down to San Felipe I've ever been on for this un-annual EDR2013...

 This tux is so HOT!!! , that it bleached out all the photographs like some kind of alien spaceship? Yeah, day one was Leisure Wear, but in true Gasser Lounge fashion, we stepped it up a level to Lounge Wear...
 Kit's throwin' it back to 1976 with some fine threads form his stint at the Regal Beagle Lounge. And interesting fact; there's actually a Three's Company episode where you can see Kit back in his movie star filled days playing darts with Mrs. Roper (although he's only a silent background character) how cool is that?

LADY HUMP took 1,070 photographs on the EDR2013.
That's probably enough for a month's worth of posts, so go figure for the next 30 days, in as chronological order as I can keep it, I'll be showcasing the bikes, people, legends or the El Diablo Run 5. ...and then there's the video (which will probably be after the posts cause it's going to take some time to edit properly).

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