Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The (Biltwell Inc.) El Diablo Run (EDR5) is one week away for those of you planning on attending. LINK HERE. And although Lady Hump is attending en mass, we have alternate motives that are going to be explored on this excursion South of the Border. Lady Hump Institue, in conjunction with Wuss Army Special Ops will be conducting tests of various studies including High Cognitive Function and the effects and affects of Mind Alteration(s). Please, if you find our Science Team involved in particular studies wear appropriate protective clothing and/or sun screen. We can not be held responsible for Retardation Burns you may suffer from continued exposure.
Initiate the Countdown...

This bolt, Jebus Christo, costs $18.95 to replace. For one bolt. No no no, FTF... 

Lady Hump Institute Team Members always travels The Wuss Ride

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