Monday, May 6, 2013

The Star Warz de' Mayo ~ Downtown Trench Run

Every rider got a collectible screen printed shop rag and event buttons hand made by Mikey B. and Lady Hump, luckily we printed enough... how much would it suck to run out? a lot. Collectible? Yeah, why not... Every ride we do this year, we're printing shop rags, we're making buttons, and for the some of the ones coming up, free shirts too. The ride from the Gasser Lounge took us up to LAZ (The Los Angeles Zarport, formerly International "X" airport), along the coast, through the westide and into the heart of the Downtown Skidrow finally ending at what was supposed to by a Cinco de' Mayo celebration downtown Olvera Street. It was billed as a Saturday and Sunday event, but obviously no. City parking attendants denied our bikes so we had to find other accommodations. All in all, perfect riding conditions and perfect weather. The bar we went to, let's just say was a total rip off on drink prices and Lady Alizon, played Bothan Spy as the old fuck behind the counter we're talking shit about us... You know, there's $2 Tecates at the Gasser Lounge and you're charing us $8 a beer? Is this the Mexican Sturgis or something? "What?" Is this the MEXICAN STURGIS? "I don't know what that is? $17.44 pay now" (two beers, plus tax, fooking retarded) ...

 Here's an actual "Trench Run" still from A NEW HOPE with bikes...

Obi Juan Kenobi

(Seemingly tall?) Jawas (I guess they just grew up... it's been 25 something years...)

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