Thursday, June 27, 2013

Noon on Sunday

You can either sit at home or finally have a vaild excuse for your red-eyes...? It's up to you Chump.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Other Ride is Your Daughter ... CRFyou original

Yeah, you gotta get your hands on one of these limited edition CRFyou sexy wizzard approved mob-of-one shirts? Only available at the Lady Hump and Superfriends Born Free 5 Double-Wide Super Booth... See you on Saturday Chumps!!!!

This makes it official, he's now a full-blown celebrity... full blown by YOUR DAUGHTER!


Dean, whom you know as a regular Lady Hump contributor was taken to the hospital after crashing his bike into some assholes illegal U-turn. I'm on the way there now... also note; Mr. Potatoe Head is on site to provide reference for putting him back together. Wish him a speedy recovery and I'll update on him after I find out more juice.

Random BORN FREE's over the last four years (post 2)

 Born Free 1
 Born Free 2
(check out that hot chick on the green Triumph! We'll be selling his shirts at the Lady Hump and Superfriends booth at BF5)

 Born Free 3
Born Free 4

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HOT n' NOT (a guide to current trending Biker attitude for upcoming committee round-table discussions at Born Free 5)

HOT Splitting Lanes
NOT Carpooling

HOT Rebuilding Barn finds
NOT Recycling and Composting

HOT Captian Caps and Green Army Jackets
NOT Denim Vests, Leather Vests, Ass-less Chaps and Trucker Caps

HOT The EDR was fucking awesome!
NOT miserable East Coast cabin fever weather, Thank God you don't live there!

HOT Lounge covers of 80's Heavy Metal songs
NOT Anything on this weeks Top 40 my God it sucks!

HOT Chicks who ride and hang out
NOT Your Bro's who don't and want to hang around you... lame

HOT Molded Frames
NOT Knucklehead Prices

HOT Nude Black-light Laser Tag (replaces Lady Hump Karaoke)
NOT Hipster Glasses and Beanies in the Summer

HOT Biltwell Gringo Helmets
NOT Novelty Jockey Lids worn backwards

HOT Closing your eyes in photos
NOT Sticking your tongue out in photos

HOT Skinny Jeans on Hot Chicks
NOT Skinny Jeans on overweight dudes or any dude anytime

HOT Dolphin Shorts on our Mom
NOT Dolphin Shorts on your Dad

HOT Nunchuck, Bo Staff and Sai training in the front yard shirtless
NOT Television addictions behind closed doors pantsless

HOT Smoking Pipes
NOT eCigs

HOT Dudes 
NOT Dudes wearing Scarves (this ain't the middle east) and pointy boots

HOT Beer
NOT Carbonated Flavored Micro Soft Drinks

HOT Knights in White Satin
NOT Wife Beaters

HOT Wizzards who sleep in Cowboy Boots
NOT Bikers wearing Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

HOT Replacing your Couch with a Mini-Bar
NOT Gym Memberships

HOT "Om nom nom" between Bros
NOT Hairy Nipples (either sex)

HOT Rainbow Lips
NOT Nude Shades of Lipstick

HOT Dead Amy Winehouse
NOT Lindsay Lohan (still alive, we don't know why?)

CRFyou Limited Fashion Line

Who put the Starburst in your mouth? CRFyou did. Lady Hump and Superfriends will be introducing CRFyou's debut limited fashion line of Uber Wizard t-shirt designs at this years Born Free 5. While supplies last, first purchasers will receive a free shop rag to celebrate the occassion. CRFyou will be on hand to sign breasts and or draw lightning bolts above your Brazilian.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Random BORN FREE's over the last four years (post 1)

 Born Free 1
 Born Free 2
 Born Free 3
Born Free 4

Well, with close to something like 45 thousand photographs in the Lady Hump archives, why the hell not tease some Born Free's from years pasts? Plus, you could always just search the Lady Hump blog archives for the month(s) following all the previous BF's to see a whole bunch more! Whatever you like. It's close enough (this weekend) that'll we'll see YOU there! Stop by the Double-Wide and introduce yo'self chump!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

SPORTSTERS RUIN (post 11) from the eye of The James

The James Exley
Check him out HERE

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FARTBARF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Fartbarf LIVE at Saint Rocke June 21st 2013

Nothing. And I mean Nothing beats FARTBARF!
Come see them on Friday night before BF5 at the Gasser Lounge
Lady Hump and Superfriends will be there partying!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


We're frapping up your gifts!!!
Yes, we know Born Free is the same weekend, in fact, we have a booth at Born Free! But we're still going to party Friday through Sunday to celebrate the FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Gasser Lounge!!!! Come on down Friday night, after Born Free on Saturday or for Mikey B's White Trash Pool Party on Sunday... or you'll cry all the way back to Corncobb, Nebraska as you U-Haul your broke bike home and eat lousey fast food from truck stop John's who offer to trade you food for "services" ...

The Curly Wolf LIVE at Saint Rocke (from June 21st 2013)

The Curly Wolf

pics by Lady Alizon 6/21/13 @ Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, CA.

That's all folks (EDR post 28)

Me thought Love lasted a long time... but (in the imortal words of Secret Hate) "it came and went."

Well, it's been a fun ride going through some of my 1000 El Diablo Run 5 pictures and then CRFyou's pictures, but if you want to see any more, you'll have to buy this years Lady Hump annual in late December 2013... I've already begun working on it, and i can tell you it'll be the best one yet. As always, 100% ad free (I hate ads) content only photographs from the jabrones you love best at all the moto shows, rides, parties, events, and camping trips we attended, hosted, or mosted all year long!!!

Previous Year Annuals 2010, 2011, and 2012 avilble HERE  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

FREE SHOW Friday June 21st at Saint Rocke

That's right, it's a FREE SHOW featuring the likes of (our favorite bands...) FARTBARF, The Curly Wolf, Bandpax, and Monster House. There'll be a pre-party mixer with the bands at the Gasser lounge from 5-8pm (translate: come get your drunk on ahead of time. Saint Rocke is only about a half mile or less from the Gasser...)

Shop Rags at Born Free 5

 As is everything we make, supre short run (under 100) of our BORN FREE 5 shop rags. Available at our Lady Hump & Superfriends Double-Wide Super Booth at Born Free this year! Yes, they're freeee (but you gotta buy something to support the Hump right?) Come on down and we'll Barter Town your sister or maybe your Bo-Staff skills as booth security when things get wild and bikers start to Riot!