Friday, June 14, 2013

Branding (EDR post 21)

FMF J.D. brought a EDR brand (as in cattle brand)(and super cool idea for leather...but) to San Felipe and dudes got thier belts or wallets branded with "EDR." A few, very few, and for good reason, opted to get their skin branded. I don't know why? We're talking instant 3rd degree burns in San Felipe (read: Mexico) without any medical bandages or anti-infection lube. I've seen the pictures of after-the-fact branding and they look totally gross... see for yourself below
I saw a stray dog licking one particular nasty branding the next morning, and I was all like "Snausages!" (they taste like bacon... so does human burnt-skin evidently?)

I made most of that up, but totally gross out.

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